• A life of musical moments: S. Krishnamurthy, former AIR station director, talks about his life and grandfather Mysore Vasudevachar.
  • A child prodigy-turned master musician: Known for having adapted a difficult electric Western instrument to the Carnatic stage with awe-inspiring success, Mandolin Shrinivas impressed pundits and lay listeners alike.
  • Svanubhava - The experience is back: It is here and now. August 6, 7 and 8, Svanubhava annual event will be hosted at the Rukmini Arangam, Kalakshetra, Chennai, with the support of Kalakshetra.
  • A veteran in the world of layam: Personality Mridangam maestro Mannargudi Easwaran, the Sangeetha Choodamani designate, talks about his musical journey.
  • Music for the soul: Gayatri Girish’s multi-media feature focussed on myriad forms of Siva.

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In a Bangalore state of mind

Allan Moses Rodricks | The Hindu | 5 months ago

DJ and reggae artiste Apache Indian says when it comes to music, Bangalore is the place to be

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Going against the Grain

Anurag Tagat | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Gaurav Raina rocks with his solo album Grey to Silver and live shows

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Crests and troughs

Swati Daftuar | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Urdu theatre has had its ups and downs like any other art form and still has takers, say practitioners

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Melodies and memories

The Hindu | 6 months ago

“Madhurameejeevitham” remembers and re-lives composer K. Raghavan’s eternal music

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Rooting for commercialisation

Krishangi Singh | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Theatre practitioner Ashvin Gidwani feels it is high time theatre becomes more commercial so that it can sustain artists

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Catching them young

Budhaditya Bhattacharya | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Team dastangoi has come up with its first works for children

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Piecing together stories

Shailaja Tripathi | The Hindu | 6 months ago

An outfit working in the field of culture and history is using the medium of theatre innovatively

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A manna from heaven

Deepa Ganesh | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Sitar virtuoso Arvind Parikh’s book The Raga of My Life captures his journey in music, particularly his six-decade relationship with his guru, the late legendary Ustad Vilayat Khan. On the occasion of his 87th birthday on October 19, we salute the maestro who continues to uphold the guru-shishya parampara

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When songs reflected moods

B. Ramadevi | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Kritis on Krishna and Devi were rendered during the week-long celebration organised by Manoranjitham

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Elaborate exposition

Velcheti Subrahmanyam | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Vocalist G. Srividya’s approach to raga essays revealed her adherence to tradition.

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A nine-day treat

K. N. Murali Sankar | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Saraswathi Ganasabha, one of the oldest music sabhas in South India, celebrated the annual music, dance and drama festival on the occasion of Dasara for nine days at Suryakala Mandiram in Kakinada...

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Flawless flow of tunes

P. Surya Rao | The Hindu | 6 months ago

On his first concert in Vijayawada, flute artiste V. Vamseedhar of Mysore won the hearts of connoisseurs of music with his superb tonal quality and sound manodharma. The concert for Swarajhari Sab...

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Carrying it solo

Shyamhari Chakra | The Hindu | 6 months ago

As part of its monthly concert series, the Odisha Chapter of Indian Council for Cultural Relations in association with the Department of Culture of Government of Odisha presented Bhubaneswar-based...

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Of parental bonding and emotional connect

Lakshmi Ramakrishna | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Natasamrat, primarily a Marathi play, written by V.V Shirwadkar, translated into Hindi by R.S. Kelkar was staged for the third time in a short span of two months at the Telugu University auditoriu...

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Talent at the fest

Gudipoodi Srihari | The Hindu | 6 months ago

Some of the young vocalists and instrumentalists hailing from different parts the South left an indelible mark mirroring great promise for them and for Carnatic music during the Kartikeya Gana Sabh...

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Birthday Today

Sruti | 5 months ago

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Birthday Today

Sruti | 6 months ago

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She cast a spell

Anjana Anand | Sruti | 8 months ago

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A strict, loving teacher

Rasika Viswanath | Sruti | 8 months ago

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V Ramnarayan | Sruti | 8 months ago

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Music Academy Awards 2014-15

BuzyBee | Sruti | 8 months ago

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TVG is the new Sangita Kalanidhi designate

Samudri | Sruti | 8 months ago

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Sumukhi celebrates 100th Kala Poshakam

Samudri | Sruti | 9 months ago

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Guru Govindraj Pillai Centenary at Shanmukhananda

Gayathri Sundaresan | Sruti | 9 months ago

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G. Srikanth

Anjana Anand | Sruti | 9 months ago

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Remembering good friend Prapancham Sitaram

Sandhya Vinjamuri | Sruti | 9 months ago

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Art festivals at the Kapali Temple

Jyotsna Narayanan | Sruti | 10 months ago

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K.P. Kunhiraman passes away

Samudri | Sruti | 10 months ago

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Film on Natyanjalis wins a Gold Remi in USA

BuzyBee | Sruti | 10 months ago

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M.N. Subramanian Memorial Award

Samudri | Sruti | 10 months ago

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